Project | Terrestrial risk assessment of problematic substances in crushed asphalt, concrete and brick

The project highlights whether crushed asphalt, concrete and mixtures of concrete and bricks, which are recovered in a number of different application scenarios outside of actual road construction (paths, plates and smaller roads without solid coating), entail an unacceptable risk of effects on terrestrial organisms. 

In addition, it has been sought to elucidate whether a number of organic substances added to concrete lead to an unacceptable risk of leaching to ground and surface water from crushed concrete, which is utilized in a number of realistic application scenarios. The project shows that the use of crushed asphalt, concrete and mixtures of concrete and bricks on paths, squares and small roads with no solid coating does not cause leaching of problematic substances to an extent that poses a significant risk of effects on terrestrial organisms. It also appears that it has not been possible on the present basis to assess whether there can be an unacceptable leaching to the groundwater of organic concrete additives from crushed concrete. However, it is assessed on the present slight basis that it is unlikely that the concentrations of the additives used would reach critical levels relative to the groundwater as well as in relation to the terrestrial environment. 

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