Norway | Statement by Isabella Lövin, Minister for Environment and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister, at UNEA-4

Your substances


Nairobi, Kenya, 14 March 2019.

"[...] Plastic pollution is linked to another important problem and threat to human health: the use and spread of toxic chemicals. Since 1950, more than 140 000 new chemicals and pesticides have been synthesised. Many of these pose serious risks. In fact, every 30 seconds, one worker dies from exposure to toxic chemicals.  

Sadly, we will not reach the 2020 goal of minimising the adverse effects of chemicals on human health and the environment. This is why Sweden, together with Uruguay, last year launched the High Ambition Alliance on Chemicals and Waste. Our ambition is to drive an ambitious global framework on chemicals and waste for 2020 and beyond. The High Ambition Alliance is open to everyone who would like to take the lead in this important work. [...]"



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