“We don’t want any trash from foreign countries,” sounds from Thai activists seeking a total ban on waste imports

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After a recent ban on import of 428 various types of electronic waste, Thailand continues to fight against being flooded with trash from around the world. Currently, with 323,000 tonnes of imported plastic waste in 2019, Thailand remains the world's largest garbage dump after China banned waste imports in 2017. 62 organisations including EARTH and Greenpeace Thailand are now calling for a total ban on plastic waste imports via petition which already has over 25,000 supporters. 

“E-waste and contaminated plastic are imported and claimed as materials for recycling but in fact, they don't qualify for processing. After these items arrive in Thailand, we can do nothing with them except to dispose of them. Importing waste is an attempt to dump more trash in Thailand,” said for Bangkok Post Akarapon Teebthaisong, EARTH’s research and technical officer. “Some items like medical waste such as used needles shouldn't be imported at all, but 8,000 kg of these items entered the country between January and August,” he added.

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