Denmark will prohibit the use of organic fluorinated substances in cardboard and paper for food

Sleeve molds, microwave popcorn bags and other cardboard and food paper may contain so-called organic fluorinated compounds. These are substances that can be used to make materials fat and water resistant. But the substances that make up a large group of chemical compounds are highly degradable and some of them accumulate in animals and humans. In addition, several of the substances are suspected of being endocrine disrupting, carcinogenic and harmful to the immune system.

- We have long been focusing on lowering the use of fluorinated compounds, and some of them are already banned or are becoming. We cannot risk harmful substances migrating from the packaging and into our food. Therefore, I have asked the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to examine the possibilities for a national ban on the use of the entire group of organic fluorine compounds in food packaging of cardboard and paper, says environment and food minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

The ban must apply until EU regulation of the substances comes. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has long advised against using organic fluorinated compounds in food contact materials, and parts of the retail have voluntarily phased out the substances.

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