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Canada | Comprehensive Reporting Requirements for Plastic Resins and Products

The notice issued under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, mandates that entities involved in the manufacture, import, or market placement of specified plastic resins and products in Canada must submit detailed information for the years 2024 to 2026 to the Federal Plastics Registry. Submission deadlines are set for September 29 of the year following each reporting year.

The scope of the reporting includes a wide array of plastics—from commonly used resins like polyethylene to specialized biodegradable and thermosetting plastics—encompassing a variety of industrial applications such as packaging, electronics, and construction.

Entities are required to submit this information via an online portal and maintain all related records for three years after submission, with an option to keep these at a parent company's Canadian address. The notice also allows for the confidentiality of submitted information upon request, though the Minister retains the right to disclose any information if necessary.

Non-compliance with these requirements exposes entities to legal penalties, underscoring the notice's mandatory nature. Additionally, the Minister intends to publish parts of the collected data, promoting transparency and informing the public and stakeholders about the use and management of plastics in Canada.


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