European Commission | Revision of the EU Ecolabel Criteria for Cosmetic Products and Animal Care Products (previously Rinse-off Cosmetic Products)

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ABSTRACT - This Preliminary Report is intended to provide the background information for the revision of the EU Ecolabel criteria for the product group "Rinse-off Cosmetic Products". The set of criteria currently in force was adopted in 2014 through Commission Decision 2014/893/EU. The revised EU Ecolabel criteria are set to cover a much wider scope: all cosmetic products as defined in the Cosmetic Product Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009). Moreover, a separate set of criteria was developed for animal care products. The product group has been renamed as "Cosmetic Products" and "Animal Care Products".To support the revision process with technical evidence, this Preliminary Report consists of: - an analysis of the scope, definitions and description of the legal framework, as well as a first proposal for a revised scope (Task 1);- a market analysis (Task 2);- a technical analysis, including an environmental assessment (Task 3).This background information, combined with input received from the stakeholders involved, has been used in the revision process to back-up the choices behind the revision of the criteria.



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