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China' Releases "Technical Guidance Principles for Children's Cosmetics"

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The China Food and Drug Testing Institute (CFDTI) has issued the "Technical Guidance Principles for Children's Cosmetics". This initiative aligns with the requirements outlined in relevant regulations such as the "Cosmetic Supervision and Management Regulations" and the "Regulations for the Supervision and Management of Children's Cosmetics." According to the "Notice on the Publication of Cosmetic Technical Guidance Principles" issued by the General Administration of Drug Supervision (GADS) (GADS Cosmetics [2022] No. 32), these principles will come into effect immediately upon publication.

The CFDTI's Technical Guidance Principles aim to provide technical guidance for cosmetics manufacturers and filers in the registration and filing of children's cosmetics. Simultaneously, they offer technical references for cosmetic technology evaluation departments and filing management authorities when conducting technical assessments or verifications of children's cosmetics.

These principles outline the general technical requirements for children's cosmetics. Manufacturers and filers of children's cosmetics are also required to enrich and specify relevant content according to the "Cosmetic Supervision and Management Regulations," the "Regulations for the Registration and Filing of Cosmetics," the "Regulations for the Supervision and Management of Children's Cosmetics," and the "Regulations on the Management of Cosmetic Registration and Filing Documentation," in line with the specific characteristics and circumstances of their products.

It's important to note that these guidance principles are developed based on existing regulations, technical standards, and the current level of scientific knowledge. As related laws and regulations, technical standards, and scientific knowledge evolve, the content may be adjusted accordingly.

Basic Attributes: Children's cosmetics referred to in these principles are those intended for children under the age of 12, encompassing products with functions such as cleaning, moisturizing, refreshing, and sun protection. The determination is primarily based on product labels and target users. Products that label themselves as "suitable for all ages," "family use," or utilize trademarks, patterns, homophones, letters, pinyin, numbers, symbols, packaging forms, or other elements implying the inclusion of children in their user group must adhere to the relevant regulations and technical standards for children's cosmetics.

- Age Groups: Depending on the age group of the intended users, children's cosmetics are categorized into those for "infants and young children" (0-3 years old, including 3 years old) and those for "children" (3-12 years old, including 12 years old). For cosmetics intended for "infants and young children," the claimed functions are limited to cleaning, moisturizing, hair care, sun protection, soothing, and refreshing. For cosmetics intended for "children," the claimed functions are limited to cleaning, makeup removal, moisturizing, cosmetic enhancement, aroma, hair care, sun protection, repair, soothing, and refreshing. Children's cosmetics that do not comply with the above-mentioned claimed functions should be registered as new functional cosmetics. There are differences in requirements for ingredient selection, label labeling, product execution standards, safety assessments, etc., between "infants and young children" cosmetics and "children" cosmetics.



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