Health care commits to act on climate and clean air at UN Climate Action Summit

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At a World Health Organization pre-meeting on Sept. 22 ahead of the United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit in New York, Health Care Without Harm shared findings from its recent report on health care’s climate footprint and the collective commitment to climate action by hospitals and health systems around the world. 

Dr. Arvind Kumar from Lung Care Foundation, a Health Care Without Harm partner in India, delivered a stirring address on the health effects of air pollution throughout all the systems of the human body, and throughout the life course. “If you live in a polluted city, you are a smoker,” he warned, “and this happens with every breath you take from infancy.” Combating the air pollution and climate crises requires urgent multi-sectoral action, including a critical role for health professionals as “motivated motivators” for policy change.



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