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EFSA | Association between dietary exposure to bisphenols and body mass index in Spanish schoolchildren

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ABSTRACT - The increase in children obesity worldwide has been of particular concern in recent decades. Environmental factors have been proposed as contributors to obesity, and there is a growing concern over obesogens, environmental chemicals with potential obesity‐related endocrine‐disrupting properties. In this regard, bisphenol A (BPA) and its analogues are suspected to have obesogenic properties. Current document report on the activities of the fellow, undertaken during the fourth, 2020–2021 cycle of the EU‐FORA programme at the University of Granada, Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, in Spain. The work programme offered by the hosting site was related to the extrapolation of bisphenols exposure following the determination of these compounds in food frequently consumed by children and in their biological samples. The fellow has participated in the recruitment of the study population in the health centres. In addition, she has participated in the collection of the children biological samples, anthropometric measurements and dietary surveys and in the optimisation of the laboratory methodology for the extraction of bisphenols in biological samples. All these activities also provided the fellow an opportunity to develop her data science related skills, which will benefit her professional development. In addition, the fellow gained an overview of various topics related to food safety risk assessment by attending the EU‐FORA dedicated training modules.



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