• February 2, 2018
  • RIVM

The Circular Economy: starting progress measurement

The report Circular Economy: starting progress measurement outlines a draft monitoring system for measuring the progress made in the transition towards a circular economy. It is part of the government-wide programme entitled ‘A Circular Economy in the Netherlands by 2050’. The report is a joint publication by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).  One of the report’s recommendations is to work towards a circular equivalent of the National Energy Outlook (NEO), combining a focus on effects in the here and now, steps taken in the transition, and an assessment of current policies.

The report was published in response to the Dutch National Raw Materials Agreement (2017), which expresses the ambition to develop a monitoring system and perform baseline measurements. The baseline, for which some results are presented below, allows measuring progress. This system, which will need further detailing, will be monitoring the circular-economy-related efforts by public authorities and relevant sectors of society, and also report on their impact. The system’s overall goal is to assess the successes and failures in the transition process towards achieving a circular economy.



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