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PPP 002 - Consultation on the first GB approval of the new active substance Bixlozone

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Consultation number: PPP 002

Consultation on the first GB approval of the new active substance bixlozone

Deadline for comments: +60 days from publication date (tba).

This consultation relates to GB’s Draft Assessment Report (DAR) for the new active substance bixlozone

Bixlozone (F9600) is a new herbicidal active substance for use in plant protection products for controlling a range of broadleaf and grass weeds in cereals, oilseed rape and maize.

The dossier for the first approval of this substance in Great Britain under retained Regulation 1107/2009 was submitted by FMC Corporation as FMC Chemical sprl (“FMC”), with the assessment performed by the Chemicals Regulation Division of the Health and Safety Executive.

Comments are invited on the content and conclusions of the DAR and can be submitted by any member of the public or interested party.

Certain specified confidential information that relates to the active substance is not published as part of this consultation.



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