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ECHA | Clarification to degradation and mutagenicity testing under REACH

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ECHA clarifies the rules on accepting adaptations to degradation testing and requiring combined studies for mutagenicity. Companies need to take these changes into account when deciding whether to update their registrations.

Helsinki, 24 August 2021 - ECHA considers that the chemical safety assessment does not allow registrants to omit submitting standard information on degradation from column 1 under REACH (Annex IX, section 9.2., column 2). Instead, this provision is a legal basis for registrants to propose, and ECHA to require, further testing on degradation if the substance’s chemical safety assessment indicates such a need. 

To adapt degradation tests listed in column 1, companies can still apply the specific rules for adaptation listed in REACH Annex IX, sections and 9.2.3, column 2, as well as the general rules for adaptations, listed in Annex XI. 


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