RoHS exemptions - Consultations on lead, lead oxide, cadmium and its compounds

The European Commission has launched the following consultations for RoHS exemptions:

(*) RoHS exemption (21) for lead and cadmium in printing inks for the application of enamels on glasses.

(*) RoHS exemption (7c-II) for lead in dielectric ceramic in certain capacitors.

(*) RoHS exemption (32) for Lead oxide in seal frit used for making window assemblies for certain laser tubes.

(*) RoHS exemption (37) for lead in the plating layer of certain diodes.

(*) RoHS exemption (8b) for cadmium and its compounds in electrical contacts.

(*) RoHS exemption (15) for lead in solders to complete a viable electrical connection between semiconductor die and carrier.

(*) RoHS exemption (29) for lead bound in crystal glass as defined in Directive 69/493/EEC.

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