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UNEP welcomes new Global Framework on Chemicals

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Thanks to the leadership of Germany, the hard work of negotiators, and the spirit of compromise, the world has agreed the Global Framework on Chemicals – backed by a High-Level Declaration that provides political impetus to drive the deal’s implementation.

This framework provides a vision for a planet free of harm from chemicals and waste, for a safe, healthy and sustainable future – and is an important part of the wider tapestry of agreements, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework and the global treaty on plastic pollution under negotiation.

The framework is based around 28 targets that aim to improve the sound management of chemicals and waste. Governments have committed to creating, by 2030, the regulatory environment to reduce chemical pollution and implement policies to promote safer alternatives. Industry has committed to managing chemicals in a way that reduces chemical pollution and adverse impacts by 2030. The framework calls for, by 2035, a phase out of highly hazardous pesticides in agriculture where the risks have not been managed and safer alternatives are available. There is a target on strengthening links between the new instrument and the climate, biodiversity, human rights and health agendas.


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