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OECD | OECD Workshop on Flexible Food-Grade Plastic Packaging

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This report is based on the discussions held at, and background material prepared for, the OECD Workshop on Flexible Food-Grade Packaging – Economic, Regulatory or Technical Barriers to Sustainable Design from a Chemicals Perspective – How Can Policy Makers Help?

Two background papers were developed to support the workshop discussions and are available as Annexes to this report. Annex 1: Background Report - Barriers to sustainable design from a chemicals perspective for flexible food-grade plastic packaging – was developed by Partners for Innovation. Annex 2: Background Report - Government policies and regulations impacting the sustainable design of flexible food-grade packaging – was developed by Stena Circular Consulting.

The reports have been reviewed by workshop participants, the Working Party on Resource Productivity and Waste and the Working Party on Risk Management. The workshop report was endorsed for publication by the Working Party on Risk Management and is published under the responsibility of the Chemicals and Biotechnology Committee.


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