Denmark | Webinar for companies: Focus on unwanted substances in packaging

Your substances


How do you keep track of unwanted chemistry in food packaging? And how do you identify the substances that should soon be substituted? That - and much more - you can learn more about when the Center for Circular Chemistry holds a 2-hour webinar on 27 April 2021 on the subject.

Hear about the 5 Rs (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover). The 5 Rs build on the EU's waste hierarchy and provide guidelines for as sustainable plastic packaging procurement as possible. At the same time, this approach supports the circular economy, which is about keeping materials and products in the economic cycle with the highest possible value for as long as possible. What requirements can be set for the packaging, what do the customers say and how do you keep track of the auxiliary chemicals that are in the production of packaging.


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