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Canadian Environmental Assessment: Aluminium-containing Substances Group - Proposed Regulatory Actions and Health Risk Evaluation

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The Canadian Department of the Environment and the Department of Health have conducted an assessment of 55 substances within the Aluminium-containing Substances Group, as per the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. The assessment considers both natural and anthropogenic sources of aluminum exposure, examining potential cumulative effects.

The draft assessment concludes that aluminum hydroxychloride and aluminum chlorohydrate meet criteria set out in the Act, proposing their addition to Part 2 of Schedule 1. A risk management scope document has been released for stakeholder discussions. The remaining 53 substances are proposed to have no further action.

The public has a 60-day period to provide comments, and the draft assessment suggests a low risk of harm to the environment from the assessed substances.

The health assessment indicates that systemic exposure to the Aluminium-containing Substances Group at current levels is of low concern to Canadians. The document also proposes that aluminum hydroxychloride and aluminum chlorohydrate meet persistence criteria but not bioaccumulation criteria under the Act.

The full assessment and related documents are available on the (Chemical substances) website.

Link to the Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 158, Number 4: Index


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