Chemsec | PRESS RELEASE: Huge market potential in removing substances of concern from circular economy

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The phase-out of substances of concern from new materials would entail billions of Euros in business opportunities. We need to recycle more, but have to consider chemical safety alongside increased recycling rates. And the presence of hazardous chemicals in recycled materials prevents the upscaling of circular economy.

These are some of the key findings in the report “What goes around”, addressing the importance of a circular economy free from substances of concern, made by non-profit NGO ChemSec.

The need to move away from the decades old, predominant linear mindset of “take, make, waste” towards a more circular one of “reuse, reduce, recycle” is something most of us can agree on. But when discussing and working towards a circular economy, there is one aspect that keeps getting surprisingly overlooked: The presence of hazardous chemicals.

Major financial gains of a non-toxic circular economy

The NGO ChemSec now launches the extensive report “What goes around” on the chemical aspect of circular economy – the missing piece, if you will.

The financial chapter is particularly interesting, since an analysis of the business opportunities of a circular economy without problematic chemicals has never been done before.



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