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UK REACH | Call for Scientific Evidence on Genetic Toxicity of Chemical Compoun

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The UK Agency for Chemical Substances has opened a new consultation period for the hazard assessment of a chemical substance: (R)-1-((4-amino-2-bromo-5-fluorophenyl)amino)-3-(benzyloxy)propan-2-ol 4-methylbenzenesulfonate  (CAS Number: 1294504-64-5 EC Number: 810-796-9)  

The consultation is open to all parties concerned and will focus on the hazard endpoint of genetic toxicity in vivo, with vertebrate testing proposed in accordance with OECD TG 474 and OECD TG 489. Parties are encouraged to submit scientifically valid information and studies that address the relevant substance and hazard endpoint.

The consultation will last for 45 days and will close at 23:59 London time (BST). Interested parties are invited to submit their information via an online survey provided on the agency's website.

This consultation is part of the agency's ongoing efforts to regulate the use of chemical substances and ensure their safety for human and environmental health.


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