Anses | Inhalation of the Nitrous Oxide: Our recommendation for amalgamation of regulation and the additional information of the risks of potential sanitation

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Nitrogen oxide is a gas employed in the medical field for its analgesic action. Also used and marketed as a gas propeller in chantilly siphons, it is accessible to all on the internet and commercially. The inhalation of nitrogen oxide, as well as the appealing "gas hilarant" and raison de son effect euphorisant, not just in the risk, that the neurological techniques are pouvant and results. These last years, an increase in the number of intoxicants, especially among young people, has been recorded. Advantageously, this is a practical and highly developed benefit, the Agency recommends the regulation of cartridges for siphons in chantilly and amateur information, plus youth and professionals with the risks of neurological disorders without any use.  

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