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California Legislates Stricter Recycling Standards: SB 343 Findings Unveil New Rules on Recyclability Labels

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California lawmakers have implemented Senate Bill 343 (SB 343), effective under Chapter 507, Statutes of 2021, which prohibits the use of the chasing arrows symbol or any recyclability indicator on products and packaging without meeting specific criteria.

Under SB 343, CalRecycle has been mandated to conduct and release a comprehensive characterization study on materials involved in recycling processes across the state.

The recently published executive summary of the report reveals preliminary findings, including data from local jurisdictions, survey results on recovery activities at California's large volume transfer/processors (LVTPs), and material characterization sampling results statewide.

These insights are poised to influence evaluations of materials meeting the criteria for recyclability labels, as outlined in Public Resources Code sections 42355.51(d)(A) and 42355.51(d)(2)(B)(i). The report signifies a pivotal step in redefining recycling standards and promoting a more sustainable future for California.



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