Turkey | Proposal of the Law Including Regulations in the Fields of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Has Been Adopted

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Preventing the division of agricultural lands through practices such as hobby gardens, increasing penalties for unauthorized logging in owned lands, production of macarons, leaf cigarette paper, cigarette filter and alcohol, taking their sales under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, aggravating the sanctions against those who produce imitation and adulteration products and place them on the market. including the law proposal, was accepted in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and became law.

According to the Law on Making Certain Regulations in Food, Agriculture and Forestry, those who sell alcoholic beverages with automatic vending machines, game machines or those who play games and mentioned by different methods, and those who sell them to consumers through the press and broadcast and sell them by mail, from 20 thousand lira to 100 thousand lira administrative will be fined.

Source: tarimorman.gov.tr (Automatically translated from Turkish)


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