Industry surprised by proposal of California to list Nickel as a reproductive toxicant

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) is considering classifying nickel and nickel compounds and including them in a DART Proposition 65 listing. The Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee (DARTIC) wants to discuss the matter and make a decision at its meeting on October 11. If the participants vote for inclusion on the list, the use of nickel would be restricted, with a potentially significant effect on the industry. Nickel is used in steel alloys, catalyzers, batteries, and pigments.

The Nickel Institute, a global association of leading nickel producers, stated that the move in California was not anticipated at this time. The initiative is particularly perplexing, says the Institute, because in 2015 DARTIC voted this as a medium to low priority. 



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