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UNECE to develop a guide promoting green and sustainable PPP procurement for the SDGs

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require a massive transformation of our economies and societies, and a shift towards more sustainable patterns of production and consumption. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are a powerful tool to support this transformation, as they can mobilise private sector capital and expertise to deliver public services and infrastructure that are aligned with the SDGs.  

However, to realise the full potential of PPPs and achieve the SDGs, PPPs must be structured to deliver better environmental and social outcomes. UNECE is at the forefront of promoting this approach and identifying ways governments can adopt green and sustainable PPP procurement practices, which involves integrating sustainability considerations throughout the PPP procurement and implementation process. 

Unlike traditional public contracts, PPPs involve procuring long-term, privately financed and integrated arrangements between public and private actors. This gives governments a unique opportunity to incentivise SDG-driven projects and to monitor the performance of those projects for their environmental and social impact. 


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