Hong Kong Amendments as regards Toothfish, Pharmaceuticals, Poisons and Dangerous drugs

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In order to import live toothfish and products thereof into Hong Kong, an import licence from the AFCD is to be obtained. A single licence may be used to cover multiple consignments if imported at the same time and is valid for 180 days from the date of approval. The application for said licence may processed via the Trade Single Window (TSW) System and is to be accompanied by, inter alia, a corresponding catch certificate. For details of the electronic system, please see the document entitled Registration as User of the Trade Single Window (TSW).

Pharmaceuticals, Poisons and Dangerous Drugs

Pharmaceutical products as well as their importers must be registered with the Drug Office of the Department of Health. The actual importation is subject to licensing by this authority.

Moreover, importers may register with the electronic system of the Department of Health in order to open an Electronic Pharmaceutical Service (e-PS) Account for the use of certain online services regarding pharmaceuticals with the authority. For further particulars on this matter, please see the quoted document.

For the wholesale of poisons as defined in the Poison List of the Pharmacy and Poisons Regulations, a corresponding licence issued by the Drug Office is necessary.

In the case of antibiotics, a permit allowing its bearer to deal in such goods must be obtained from said authority. As a prerequisite for the issue of this document, applicants must either hold a valid Poisons Wholesale Licence, or a certificate of registration with the Drug Office.

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