Organic waste. Pre-treated biopulp for biogas plants

The purpose of the project was to investigate which additional requirements should be placed on the quality of the pretreated biopulp with a focus on the content of physical impurities before it is delivered to biogas plants and, if so, which parameters and methods, the samples must be taken and analyzed.

Physical impurities are used as a common term for the total amount of undesirable materials in the biopulp. These are materials such as. stones, earth, metal, glass, plastic, etc. In addition, the project has examined what parameters are being investigated today and whether the biogas plants receiving the pretreated biopulp place additional requirements on the quality of the biopulp as, for example, physical impurities.

In addition to examining the possible Danish requirements, it has also been investigated which requirements for physical impurities in the biopulp that place in other countries (Germany, England, Sweden, Norway, Findland and Austria) as well as which other parameters are examined for in the mentioned countries . 

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