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  • April 20, 2023
  • WTO

United States | Ethalfluralin; Pesticide Tolerances.  Final Rule

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Ethalfluralin; Pesticide Tolerances.  Final Rule

This regulation establishes tolerances for residues of ethalfluralin in or on multiple crops: in or on Hemp, seed at 0.05 ppm; Onion, bulb, subgroup 3-07A at 0.01 ppm; Stevia, dried leaves at 0.05 ppm; Stevia, fresh leaves at 0.05 ppm; Vegetable, legume, pulse, bean, dried shelled, except soybean, subgroup 6-22E at 0.05 ppm; Vegetable, legume, pulse, pea, dried shelled, subgroup 6-22F at 0.05 ppm; and Vegetable, tuberous and corm, subgroup 1C at 0.01 ppm.  Additionally, the following tolerances are removed as unnecessary: Bean, dry, seed at 0.05 ppm; pea, dry, seed at 0.05 ppm; and potato at 0.01 ppm. Finally, EPA is removing the tolerance on potato at 0.05 ppm as a housecleaning measure, since that tolerance expired on 28 January 2021.

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Food safety (SPS)



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