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Germany Withdraws Proposal to Restrict Endocrine-Disrupting bisphenols

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Germany has decided to withdraw its proposal for the restriction of substances with endocrine-disrupting properties, specifically targeting bisphenols and their salts. This decision, made on 21st August 2023, comes following a comprehensive six-month third-party consultation on the proposal.

Germany's withdrawal of the proposal is grounded in the conclusion that a revision of the proposal is necessary. The revision goes beyond what can be effectively addressed within the boundaries of the current regulatory process.

Germany intends to return to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) with a revised and updated proposal once they have meticulously considered all stakeholder input and made the necessary adjustments to the proposal's scope.

This decision highlights the importance of collaboration and thoughtful consideration in the pursuit of regulations that safeguard our environment and public health.

Stay tuned for further updates as Germany continues its efforts to address the issue of endocrine-disrupting bisphenols.

Link to the Registry of restriction intentions until outcome


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