Polymer based nanocomposites - enabling innovation, resource efficiency and helping to fight climate change

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When thinking of how nanoscale particles that are added to plastic matrices can improve the properties of products, a lot of examples come to mind – for instance, the electrical or thermal properties of electrostatic packaging for microchips, electrostatic coatings, solar cells, batteries, modified lithium-ion batteries or printed electronics.

Nanoscale particles can also increase mechanical resilience of reinforced plastics used for the construction of lighter cars and planes or for the blades and wind turbines.

Moreover, they are added to modern plastic packaging for improving its material properties – e.g. thermal stability, barrier properties, UV protection.

Plastic packaging plays an important role in ensuring the freshness of food, extending its shelf life and helping to improve the quality of products for consumers. According to recent data, around 20% of food produced in the EU is lost or wasted. Plastic packaging can help make food increasingly accessible, safe and affordable.

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