A summary of the Chemicals Management Plan Stakeholder Advisory Council Meeting

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The purpose of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC) meeting is to provide council members the opportunity to offer advice and input to the Government on the implementation of the CMP, and to foster dialogue on issues pertaining to the CMP between stakeholders and government, and among different stakeholder groups.

Meeting objectives

The objectives of the May 2019 meeting were to seek stakeholder views on several elements of ongoing work related to the administration and implementation of the CMP, to provide stakeholders with information on related Government of Canada efforts, and to update stakeholders on ongoing work to renew and modernize the CMP.

Council members were updated on government initiatives related to chemicals management in Canada, with presentations and discussions on the following areas:

(*) National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)
(*) Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) 2018 toxics audit follow-up and performance measurement
(*) Nanomaterials: update and next steps
(*) Progress towards CMP modernization
(*) Vulnerable populations (VPs) – Development of a framework for addressing populations at increased risk from chemicals Canada’s Plastics Science Agenda (CaPSA) – Science to address plastic pollution
(*) Green chemistry – Industry lead
(*) Wastewater monitoring



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