• February 28, 2021
  • Ecos

ECOS | New energy labels on appliances and TVs as of 1 March: NGOs praise updates but call on the EU to move faster on labels for more products

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As of 1 March, four different types of electrical appliances will see their energy labels revamped:  dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and displays (including televisions).

New labels use a simplified A-G scale, replacing categories A+, A++ and A+++.  They are expected to steer consumers to more energy-efficient appliances, with the top A class empty at first, to make room for innovative improvements. 

Another novelty is the addition of the QR code to the energy labels. By scanning the codes, consumers will be able to access the EU EPREL database, containing additional information about the product.  

Energy labels have encouraged consumers to buy more energy-efficient products for more than 20 years. Overall, 14 product categories sport them, including most home appliances (such as washing machines or dishwashers), lamps, wall air conditioners and boilers.

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