EU-US aluminium tariff-rate quotas will prolong trade distortions, detracting from new sustainability partnership

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Brussels, 03 November 2021: “We’re disappointed that the EU and US have decided on tariff-rate quotas as the way forward to replace the unjustified US Section 232 tariffs on aluminium. This will retain a level of trade distortion between two important allies, when we should instead be focussing all efforts on addressing the root issue of subsidised and high-carbon Chinese overcapacity”, said Guy Thiran, Director General of Eurometaux (European metals association), after the US agreed to replace 10% tariffs on EU aluminium products with a new system of tariffrate quotas.

On 31 October, the US and EU agreed to remove the Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminium first introduced in 2018 by President Trump. The US will now allow for duty-free imports of steel and aluminium from the EU according to quotas reflecting historical trade volumes. Imports above the agreed quotas will remain subject to a 10% tariff.


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