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EU Commission Guidance for the interpretation of the Common Charger Directive

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The European Commission has published guidance on the Common Charger Directive, which amends the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) to standardize charging methods for various electronic devices. Effective from December 2024 for most handheld devices and April 2026 for laptops, the directive mandates the use of USB-C as the harmonized charging receptacle. This aims to enhance consumer convenience and reduce electronic waste. The directive requires manufacturers to provide an option for purchasing devices without a charger and to display clear information on charging capabilities and compatibility.

The guidance document clarifies the scope, applicability, and specific requirements introduced by the directive. It addresses the necessary steps for compliance, including conformity assessment procedures and labeling requirements. The guidance emphasizes that while additional proprietary charging solutions are permitted, they must not interfere with the functionality of the USB-C standard. This initiative supports the EU's broader goals of environmental sustainability and market harmonization.


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