Canada | Proposed guidelines for Canadian drinking water quality — Guidance on waterborne pathogens

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Pursuant to subsection 55(3) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, the Minister of Health hereby gives notice of proposed guidance on waterborne pathogens. The proposed guidance document will be available from December 5, 2020, to February 3, 2021, on the Health Canada consultation web page.

Many types of pathogenic microorganisms can spread through contaminated or inadequately treated drinking water to cause human illness. Some are present in human or animal feces and can cause gastrointestinal illness when fecally contaminated water is consumed. Others are naturally found in aquatic environments and can cause opportunistic infections when the conditions in engineered water systems allow them to multiply and spread primarily to individuals who are susceptible to infection. The health effects caused by these opportunistic pathogens are diverse and range from respiratory illness to infections of the eye, skin, central nervous system or gastrointestinal tract.



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