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BASF and Inditex Achieve Textile Recycling Breakthrough with loopamid: A Circular Solution from 100% Textile Waste

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BASF and Inditex have collaboratively introduced loopamid, a revolutionary polyamide 6 (nylon 6) made entirely from textile waste, marking a significant breakthrough in textile-to-textile recycling. Zara has launched a jacket made exclusively from loopamid, showcasing the circular solution where all elements, including fabrics, buttons, filling, hook and loop, and zipper, are crafted from 100% recycled material. The innovative technology allows for the recycling of polyamide 6 discarded textiles into new, high-quality synthetic fibers and materials. The partnership addresses sustainability goals, with BASF aiming to double circular economy sales by 2030, while Inditex targets 100% environmentally friendly textile products by the same year. The project involves collaboration with various manufacturing companies to integrate loopamid into different garment components, emphasizing a commitment to driving innovation and advancing responsible industry practices.



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