Titanium dioxide and acrylamide in food | European Parliament objects to legislation on food products that might be harmful to kids

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To protect European consumers’ health, especially those of children, MEPs objected to Commission proposals on food products containing titanium dioxide and acrylamide.

The first objection concerns the Commission’s proposed amendment to the legislation laying down specifications for food additives as regards titanium dioxide (E 171). It was approved with 443 votes to 118 and 135 abstentions.

Parliament calls on the Commission to apply the precautionary principle and to remove E171 from the EU list of permitted food additives that are currently used mainly to colour confectionery, bakery and pastry products as well as chewing gum, candies, chocolates, and ice cream. As these products are very popular with children, MEPs are particularly concerned about them being potentially very exposed to the additive. They underline that France banned sales of food products containing titanium dioxide as of 1 January 2020 and that 85 000 citizens across Europe have signed a petition to support the French ban.

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