Beryllium association submits feedback to RoHS evaluation Roadmap

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The European Commission launched the RoHS evaluation Roadmap on 14 September 2018 – Feedback can be submitted by end of today (12 October 2018).

According to the roadmap, the RoHS Directive will be reviewed by July 2021 and information from stakeholders will be gathered through (i) a public consultation in Spring 2019, (ii) targeted interviews (Member States’ Authorities + key stakeholders) and (iii) a stakeholder Conference in Q4 2019.

BeST has submitted its feedback to the published roadmap raising five main concerns linked to the RoHS Directive:

  • Lack of purpose due to the development of the REACH framework;
  • Lack of coherence and coordination with other initiatives and policies;
  • Prioritisation of substances for restriction based solely on hazard classifications and in absence of a clearly established methodology;
  • Repeated evaluation of the unchanged chemical and physical properties of substances, generating unnecessary burden and uncertainty for the EU industry;
  • Impact on the global trade of EEE with negative consequences for EU Industry.



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