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Joint paper for an EU Directive on Sustainable Resource Management

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There is a crucial gap in current EU laws: Resource overconsumption is not being addressed although it is predicted to continue to rise, underscoring the imperative for a new, binding law with science-based and overarching resource use reduction targets. We are launching a collective call for an EU Directive on Sustainable Resource Management together with the European Youth Forum, the European Environmental Bureau, the Climate Action Network Europe, the Environmental Coalition on Standards, Zero Waste Europe, the négaWatt Association, Seas at Risk and RREUSE.

Our paper reflects a shared commitment to address the core challenges driving our global crises and to champion an EU that thrives within planetary boundaries. This Directive will commit the EU and its Member States to developing sufficiency strategies, emphasising reductions in high-consumption sectors like transport, construction, and digital industries, and to developing sector-specific roadmaps with binding sub-targets. It will also ensure a just transition, in line with ILO guidelines, and respecting workers’ rights.


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