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  • September 28, 2023
  • WTO

Saudi Arabia | Technical Regulation of Textile Products - Version 2

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Title of document
Technical Regulation of Textile Products - Version 2

Preamble,  Terms and Definitions, Scope of Application,    Objectives,  Obligations of Supplier, Safety Procedures of Textile Product, Conformity Assessment Procedures, Responsibilities of Regulatory Authorities (Ports- Factories) Responsibilities of Market Surveillance Authorities , Violations and Penalties, General Provisions, Transitional Provisions, Publication, Annexes  Textile products & relevant standards, List of Textile fiber names, Agreed allowances used to calculate the mass of fiber, Textile products that are characterized by collective labelling , Textile products for which labelling or marking is not mandatory , Special provisions for the labelling and marking of certain textile products, Conformity Assessment Form (Type 3 & a1) as per ISO/IEC 17067, Supplier Declaration of Conformity Form.

Notifying member: Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of


Objective tag
Consumer information, labelling (TBT); Protection of human health or safety (TBT); Protection of the environment (TBT)



  • Submission: N/A
  • Reception: N/A
  • Distribution: 27/09/2023
  • Final date for comments: N/A
  • Proposed date of adoption: N/A


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