Toxic chemicals in your home could be linked to cancer, autism, and reproductive issues. Here are 4 of the most concerning

The California wildfires destroyed thousands of homes across the state, leaving behind an even greater share of displaced residents. Though the flames have now subsided, locals are left with a lingering environmental threat: the presence of hazardous chemicals.

As the homes began to burn, so did the items inside: things like phthalate-filled air fresheners, couches manufactured with flame retardant, and Teflon pans made with harmfulPFCs. These chemicals are linked to a number of adverse health effects, including cancer, developmental defects, and reproductive issues.

It’s not just fire victims who are at risk. Each day, homeowners are exposed to these chemicals in the form of building materials or consumer products.

To find out which are the most dangerous, Business Insider spoke with Dr. Leonardo Trasande, an NYU professor and expert in children’s environmental health.

“There is increasing and accelerating evidence that synthetic chemicals commonly found in the home contribute to disease and disability,” said Trasande.



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