The EU Commission grants authorisations for cancer-causing chemical – Chromium Trioxide

Two legislative never-ending stories regarding authorisation to use of the cancer-causing chemical chromium trioxide are finally coming to an end. Two applications – one from the company Gerhardi and one from a whole slew of companies spearheaded by chemical manufacturer Lanxess – got the REACH Committee’s green light last week to continue using chromium trioxide in a wide range of products.

While ChemSec is obviously disappointed by the overall conclusion, which will be formally adopted by the EU Commission in the near future, the decisions can also be seen as a slight step in the right direction.

In the Gerhardi case, the REACH Committee voted in favour of reducing the proposed authorisation period from 12 to 7 years for using chromium trioxide in chrome plating of plastic parts in the automotive industry.

In this case, alternative providers have been very vocal in the authorisation process, arguing that safer alternatives will be available for these purposes within a shorter period of time than Gerhardi stated in the application.

It appears that the EU Commission, as well as the REACH Committee, finally listened to the alternative providers and took their opinions into account. The fact that the authorisation period was reduced with five years is proof of this.



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