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Canada | The Science Approach Document for the Ecological Risk Classification of Organic Substances version 2.0 was released

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A science approach document (SciAD) provides a description of a scientific approach to evaluate environmental or human health risk of substances.

Some SciADs can include the results of the application of the scientific approach to substances that were identified as priorities for assessment because they met the categorization criteria under section 73 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999) or were identified through other mechanisms as assessment priorities. Other SciADs can include a broad range of substances which may not have been identified as priorities for assessment as per categorization criteria.

The SciAD is published under section 68 of CEPA 1999, and does not include regulatory conclusions. A period of consultation on the SciADs is provided to the public as an opportunity to comment and provide additional information.

The approach and results for substances identified as low concern in the SciADs may form the basis, in conjunction with any other relevant information that becomes available after the publication of the SciAD, for a conclusion in a screening assessment that will be published at a later time.

SciADs can also be used identify priorities for data gathering, data generation, further scoping or risk assessment.



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