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Rotterdam convention | CRC-18 reviewed final regulatory actions for 10 chemicals

The eighteenth meeting of the Chemical Review Committee of the Rotterdam Convention took from 19 to 23 September 2022 in Rome, Italy, back to back with the eighteenth meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee of the Stockholm Convention.

At its eighteenth meeting, the Committee considered draft decision guidance documents for iprodione and terbufos. Additionally, in line with the procedures for banned or severely restricted chemicals (Article 5, paragraphs 5 and 6), the Committee reviewed the following notifications of final regulatory action forwarded by the Secretariat, in accordance to the criteria set out in Annex II to the Convention:

Candidate chemicalsNotifying PartyPublished in PIC Circular
AmitroleEcuadorLII (December 2020)
CarbarylBosnia and HerzegovinaLII (December 2020)
MozambiqueLI (June 2020)
TürkiyeLIII (June 2021)
Carbon tetrachlorideEcuadorLII (December 2020)
ChlorfenvinphosMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
NorwayXIII (June 2001)
TürkiyeLIII (June 2021)
MethidathionMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
TürkiyeLIII (June 2021)
UruguayL (December 2019)
Methyl bromide  ColombiaLII (December 2020)
IndonesiaLIII (June 2021)
Methyl parathionChinaL (December 2019)
IndonesiaLIII (June 2021)
UruguayL (December 2019)
Mirex EcuadorLII (December 2020)
IndonesiaLIII (June 2021)
ParaquatMalaysiaLII (December 2020)
MozambiqueLII (December 2020)
ThiodicarbMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
TürkiyeLIII (June 2021)



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