Biphenyl | Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) substance evaluation conclusions

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Based on the outcome of the ready biodegradation test performed and other available information, the substance Biphenyl can be concluded not to fulfil the criteria for P/vP, Annex XIII of REACH. Furthermore, based on the available information on bioaccumulation the criterion for B/vB is likely not met, neither the criteria for toxicity (T), according to the PBT criteria.

During the evaluation, a concern on reproductive toxicity was also identified. From the assessment of the requested extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study in rats it was concluded that there was no evidence of treatment related reproductive toxicity.

Therefore, it is concluded that both the initial concern on potential PBT properties and the reproductive toxicity concern are removed and no follow-up action is needed.

After the exposure assessment based on the aggregated tonnage, the eMSCA concluded that the identified uses of the substance have acceptable risks (RCRs <1) for the environmental compartments assessed.

The evaluation of the available information on the substance has led the evaluating Member State to the following conclusion, as summarised in the table below.



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