Nitrates: Consultation prior to the development of the 7th national nitrate action program

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From September 18 to November 6, 2020, the State organized for the attention of the public a consultation prior to the development of the 7th national nitrate action program (PAN).

The national action program defines the minimum measures to be put in place to fight against water pollution by nitrates of agricultural origin in vulnerable areas in France: calendar for banning spreading, limitation to 170kg of nitrogen organic / ha of UAA at the farm level, soil cover, grass strips at the edge of watercourses ...

For 20 years, France has implemented 6 action programs to ultimately always have 68% of its territory polluted by nitrates!

As the excellent association Eau et Rivières de Bretagne underlines on its website, this 7th national program must of course be more ambitious. It is by relying on the work carried out by this regional NGO very involved in the subject of nitrates that Générations Futures responded to the consultation.

Note that the draft 7th NAP which will be drawn up will be the subject of a public consultation in March 2021. It will then be supplemented by a regional program (PAR), which will also be subject to consultation and consultation. We will not fail to follow and participate in all these steps so that Breton waters regain their quality!

For information and to participate (until November 6): the site of the preliminary consultation 

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