Brazil debate desalination of seawater

Brazil began the debate on water desalination in the city of Fortaleza on Tuesday, during the opening of the Seminar of the Latin American Association for Desalination and Reuse of Water (Aladyr) in Fortaleza (CE). Participants of the event, which brings together representatives of national and international institutions, defended the idea as a way to broadly expand access to quality water and contribute to water security, to build a national desalination policy. 

"We need to take advantage of the experiences of other countries, get acquainted with regulations and bring together all those interested in a major debate on seawater desalination technologies and reuse that starts from this Aladyr seminar," said the director of Watershed Revitalization and Access Ministry of the Environment, Renato Ferreira.

The director of Aladyr, Marcelo Bueno Prado, said it is salutary for any country, especially Brazil, to diversify desalination and water reuse technologies, especially now in these times of climate change. "Having an alternative in this area of ​​water production is like adopting different matrices in the energy area. One help to another. And this becomes even more important now with the water crisis, "he said. 

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