ECHA | Highlights from March Biocidal Products Committee meeting

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The committee recommends that methylene dithiocyanate is not approved for use in slimicides (product-type 12) as it is very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects leading to environmental risks, which cannot be mitigated. The substance is used in papermaking processes to prevent or control the growth of slime.

The committee supports the approval of  (13Z)-Hexadec-13-en-11-yn-1-yl acetate, a pheromone used in repellents and attractants (product-type 19). However, it considers that the approval should be limited to the specific use and application method specified by the applying company.

On the renewal of propiconazole in wood preservatives (product-type 8), the committee concluded that as the substance is toxic to reproduction and an endocrine disruptor, it meets the exclusion criteria. However, it could be approved if one of the derogations to the exclusion criteria are met. The European Commission will take further action to gain more information on this application and the derogation to the exclusion criteria, in particular on suitable and sufficient alternatives for the different use classes.

Moreover, the committee adopted the following four positive opinions on Union authorisations:

(*) Propan-1-ol for use in human hygiene (product-type 1);
(*) Propan-2-ol for use in disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct use on people or animals (product-type 2) and in disinfectants for surfaces which come into contact with food and animal feed (product-type 4);
(*) L-(+) Lactic acid for product-type 2; and
(*) active chlorine released from sodium hypochlorite for product-type 2.

One Union authorisation opinion concerning active chlorine released from sodium hypochlorite was postponed and will be adopted through a written procedure.



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