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  • May 21, 2024
  • EEB

Environmental Groups Advocate for a Comprehensive EU Pact Addressing Climate, Social, and Economic Challenge

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On May 13, 2024, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) called for a new European Union deal that integrates environmental sustainability with social and economic priorities, marking the EEB's 50th anniversary. This proposal, named the European Pact for the Future, aims to tackle the interconnected crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. The EEB emphasizes the need for systemic change that promotes a just transition to a one-planet economy, ensuring no one is left behind.

The Pact outlines several key actions:

(*) Ecological Transformation: Address the climate, biodiversity, and pollution crises by promoting a well-being economy and reducing resource use through circular economy practices.

(*) One-Planet Economy: Foster global competitiveness in sustainability, support systemic change via investments, and facilitate sustainable choices for all sectors of society.

(*) Just Transition: Develop policies ensuring social justice and environmental protection, amplify voices of marginalized groups, and commit to global justice.

(*) Commitment Implementation: Strengthen enforcement of EU laws, promote environmental democracy, and designate leaders to champion green and social deals.

This initiative underscores the EU's role as a global environmental leader and aims to build on the foundation laid by the European Green Deal to achieve long-term sustainability and resilience‚Äč.



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