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China | Public consultation on revision plans of 7 GB regulation, including "General rules for preparation of precautionary label for chemicals"

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MIIT has put 7 GB (mandatory national)regulations revision plans for public consultation.

The 7 GB regulations are:

  • General rules for preparation of precautionary label for chemicals (will repeal GB 15258-2009)
  • Limits of radionuclides in building materials (will repeal GB 6566-2010)
  • Limit of the water-soluble Chromium VI content for cement (will repeal GB 31893-2015)
  • Lighters - Safety and quality (will repeal GB 25722-2010)
  • Utility lighters - Safety and quality (will repeal GB 25723-2010)
  • Fireworks and firecrackers raw material safety and quality (will repeal GB 19595-2004)
  • Safety and quality of fireworks and firecrackers (will repeal GB 20208-2006)

Relevant document:  2nd batch of mandatory national standard project plans in 2022 (draft for comments)


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