US Preventive Services Task Force Updates Tobacco Cessation Recommendation

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“Quitting tobacco use is the single greatest thing someone can do to improve their health, which is reflected in the ‘A’ grade from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The American Lung Association applauds the release of this important scientific update. Any preventive service receiving an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade from USPSTF is required to be covered without cost-sharing in most types of insurance. And during the pandemic, quitting smoking is particularly urgent as the CDC has identified smokers as among those at risk for the most serious complications from COVID-19.

 “While the American Lung Association was pleased to see both pharmacotherapy and counseling continuing to receive an ‘A’ grade from the USPSTF, we are disappointed that e-cigarettes are acknowledged in relation to quit smoking support. In our June 2020 comments to USPSTF on the proposed recommendation, the Lung Association recommended e-cigarettes, a tobacco product, not be mentioned in any capacity with FDA-approved treatments that are safe and effective for helping smokers quit. E-cigarettes are not FDA-approved cessation products and it is dangerous to continue to evaluate them as such, and may be misleading to the public.

“The American Lung Association remains committed to urging the American public to use the seven FDA-approved pharmacotherapies in combination with counseling to help them end their nicotine addiction for good. The Lung Association also urges Congress to help millions more get access to evidence-based quit smoking treatments by passing the ‘Quit Because of COVID-19 Act’ introduced by Rep. Lisa Blunt-Rochester (DE) and Sen. Tom Carper (DE).”


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